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Service Support


1.Are you a real manufacturer?

Yes! We have been specialized in manufacturing PDC cutters since 2002, currently our manufacturing center “Zhongshan Haimingrun Industrial Park” outputs 2000, 000PCS PDC cutters yearly.

2.How is your production facility?

We have introduced the most advanced ultra-high pressure cubic press for PDC synthesis | super-hard grinding, EDM wire cutting, CNC EDM, EDM shaper and laser machines for PDC machining | world top-notch equipment for test and analysis.

3.What are your main markets?

Our main market is China, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia currently.  We have established our US branch “Hai Ming Run Inc” as the service & marketing center for USA, Canada and Middle & South American customers in 2017.  

5.What is your main product?

Our main product is PDC cutter for oil&gas drilling.

6.What is PDC cutter?

PDC cutter is Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Cutter, which consists of a polycrystalline diamond layer and a WC-Co hard alloy substrate, is made up by sintering diamond powder and WC-Co hard alloy substrate together under ultra-high pressure and temperature(about 1400-1500℃ and 60000-80000ATMS).   Please check out more details on the Introduction of PDC Cutters page. 

7.What are the main advantages of PDC cutters?

PDC cutters feature not only high hardness, wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, but also feature high strength and impact resistance of tungsten carbide.  The WC-Co hard alloy substrate makes PDC welded on the bit body more easily.

8.What is the cutting principle of PDC bit?

1.  PDC drill bit is pressed into rock under the weight on bit when drilling hard formations, which makes the rock in contact with PDC cutters show plastic under ultra-high stress.

2.  In plastic (or the rock show plastic under ultra-high stress) formations, the inside parts of the rock ahead will be broken or flow plastically under the torque action of the PDC bit when PDC cutters cutting into the formations, finally the inside parts will disconnect from the rock matrix and form debris.

3.  In brittle formations, the rock is broken by shear force and strain as the rock will show brittle break under the weight on bit and the stress caused by the torque action, the ROP of the PDC bit will be high and the broken volume of the rock will be much more than the displacement volume after the PDC cutters cutting into formations in this situation.  

9.How to evaluate the quality of a PDC cutter?

The appearance, impact resistance test, wear resistance test and thermal stability test is the main factor to evaluate the quality of the PDC cutter.

10.How to evaluate the drilling effect of PDC cutters in practical application?

The actual drilling depth, ROP and wear grading of PDC cutters after lifting the bits is the main standard to evaluate the effect of PDC cutters.

11.What levels of oil PDC cutters can I get from you? What’s new?

C20 series(NEW)-Premium comprehensive performance cutters

S20 series(NEW)-High wear resistance PDC cutters

H20 Series(NEW)-Ultra high impact resistance PDC cutters

S18 Series-The most wear resistant PDC Cutters in HMR

TS Series-High cost-effectiveness heat resistance PDC Cutters

UG Series-Basic PDC Cutters

You can also download Our Brochure and E-catalog for more information.

12.Can I get customized products from you?

Yes! Our technical team is specialized in designing customized products in special shapes&sizes&performance with advanced technology and facilities according to to customers' special applications.

13.Can I get special shaped cutters from you?

Yes!  We have special shaped cutters in triangle, ridge, taper, dome, 3D and 2D shapes, please click here to contact our sales expert for pictures and specifications.  

14.Which sizes of PDC cutters can I get from you?

Our standard series are with diameters 13.44mm, 15.88mm and 19.05mm, the height range is from 5 to 25mm in each series for option.

15.How can I get the price of your products?

You can go to the “Contact us” page for online inquiry, chat with us on line, or send us an email to, you will be gotten back within 1 day after your inquiry received.

16.What is the delivery time?

3-5 days for frequent ordered models&sizes which we always hold stocks. 

10-20 days for newly produced goods.

5-8 days needed for transporting by fedex or other express.

17.How can I make sure my order with “0” defective rate?

Besides rigorous quality control for raw materials and production process, each batch of goods must be 100% full inspection in sizes and appearance before shipment.  Please don’t forget to view our Quality Control” page for more information.

≥10 Sizes 100% Full Inspection

Sizes inspection including: diameter, height, diamond thickness, chamfer and geometrical sizes(verticality, roundness, flatness, parallelism, value of R)

≥20 Items of Appearance Defect 100% Inspection

Appearance inspection including: cracks, edge chips, scratch, delimination, pit, black spot, irregular color, corrosion, etc. The appearance is inspected by 20X microscope.

18.How do you pack the PDC cutters?

Our PDC cutters are packed in strong plastic box, 50Pcs/Box, 7-10 boxes/CTN.

19.Can I get trial samples before I purchase?

Yes!  We will try our best to offer you the best discount of testing samples.

20.What are the trade terms?

Both EXW and DAP price can be offered according to customers' request.

EXW: factory price, not including freight charge.

DAP: including the fedex charge to the destination but not including the import tax in the destination country.

21.Can you prepare stocks for us?

Yes!  If you are our long-term cooperating customers and the needs are stable, reasonable stocks of the regular ordered models will be prepared for you to shorten the delivery time.

22.Besides oil & gas drill bits, can I use your PDC cutters for mining drill bits or DTH (Down-the-hole) drill bits?

Yes!  Our oil level cutters UG series can be also used for mining drill bits which have showed very good performance in field drilling.  Our EQ series are specially designed for DTH drill bits which showed much better performance than tungsten carbide cutters.

23.Can I get PDC drill bits from you?

Yes!  We have a brother mining PDC mining drill bits factory which manufactures mining PDC drill bits with HMR's self-manufactured PDC cutters, as we are oil & gas PDC cutters manufacturer, We are very confident that our Mining PDC Drill Bits with HMR's PDC cutters are much better than those PDC bits with mining level PDC cutters.