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Quality Control

Quality Control

Understanding deeply that quality is the fundamental for an industry, to ensure each product going to customer's hand with "0" defect, HMR has established a perfect quality control system including suppliers management, raw material inspection, production process control, abnormal process control and finished products inspection.  HMR passed the ISO9001 quality certification in 2007.

Raw Materials Control


Suppliers Control

HMR evaluates and ranks suppliers quarterly and yearly according to the qualification rate of materials to urge suppliers to improve their quality.

Diamond Powder and WC-Co Materials Control

  • The PSD, purity and shape for each batch of diamond powder will be analyzed by the laser particle size analyzer.

  • The magnetic performance, physical property and mechanical property for each batch of WC-Co materials need to be tested.


Raw Materials Inspection Equipment

  • 3D Profiler

  • Automatic Cobalt Magnetic Measuring Instrument

  • Laser Particle Size Analyzer

  • Colorimeter

  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

  • Scale Electronic Density Meter

  • Digital Coercive Meter

  • Diamond Susceptibility Analyzer

Production Process Control

  • 01

    Each Batch of Goods Traceable

    A unique identification code will be used for each batch of goods for monitoring, the status in each process will be recorded to make sure any abnormal traceable.

  • 02

    Using Six Sigma Tools for Monitoring

    Monitoring points are set in assembling, synthetic, grinding, machining and CNC machining process to control the entire process perfectly.

  • 03

    Perfect Abnormal Control Process

    The abnormal control process will be started once any abnormal parameter appeared to avoid the unqualified products coming into the finished product stage.

Finished Products Control

  • 01

    ≥10 Sizes 100% Full Inspection

    Sizes inspection including: diameter, height, diamond thickness, chamfer and geometrical sizes(verticality, roundness, flatness, parallelism, value of R)

  • 02

    ≥20 Items of Appearance Defect 100% Inspection

    Appearance inspection including: cracks, edge chips, scratch, layering, pit, black spot, irregular color, corrosion, etc. The appearance is inspected by 20X microscope.

  • 03

    Internal Defect Control

    The internal defect was inspected by C-Scan

  • 04

    Sampling Test for Performance

    Sampling test for the main performance wear resistance, impact resistance and heat stability regularly

    Wear Resistance Test

    Impact Resistance Test

    Heat Stability Test